Reviews for "Paper Chase"


its awsome


Animation was great, music was great, story was great, 10/10.

Good, but not too good.

I love the idea and concept, because of the animation. But I swear that I've heard this music(just the theme) before.

Valerofond responds:

I highly doubt it since I made it


-Excellent short man, I know first hand how hard it is to make a short story. But it had a clear beginning, middle, and end. Also your animation and directing was great.

-The feeling that it's 'too short' can be coming from the feeling that the ride you're taking us on in this story is wrapped over before it's begun. I believe that perhaps if there was a bit more conflict in your act 2 it would leave the viewer wanting more instead.

-Perhaps you could have the paper change hands at a faster pace, and each time have the action escalate to emphasize the journey, or have it change hands only once so you could spend your time in the story building up a dramatic act 2.


..........but a little too short