Reviews for "Paper Chase"

Not bad

It lacked story and was a tad short but what was there was good.
I liked the animation style.

cool vid!

Don't listen to the nay-sayers who comment that "the story sucked". Unless you care what they say, then a quick fix would be to put some explosions and nudity in your next flash.

I loved the colors you used, and the art was neat.

not bad...

the story was lacking, although the rest was cool. it was too short, you know?

Kinda Lame.

Well, as far as art, that style hasn't been used before, but the story kinda sucked. if he was looking through his papers and realized it wasnt there, then he chased it that would have supplied some more lulz, but good job, I never saw a frontpager this delayed before.

Nice work

It was kinda artistic, not my sorty of thing. None the less
animation: Smooth
Music: cathy and it matched the clip
Good quality animation :D 9/10