Reviews for "The Unfair Platformer"

gewd lord!

Aouch! These spikes really do want you dead.Even though I only went through the first level I thought it was really fun and challenging.No higher score only because of the simplistic visuals wich could have deserved much more work especially for a game that ment to be funny

The Name Says it All

An alternate name for this game can be "The Broken, Nearly Unwinnable yet Well-Made Platformer."

-Nice concept
-Killer Tutorial Level (literally)
-Insane difficulty
-There's just something funny about the sheer amounts of cheap deaths in this game that you WILL be subjected to
-Good music (Sonic, right?)

--Graphics could use a bit of work
--Insane difficulty
--The cheap deaths, while funny at first, become rather annoying after a time
--After awhile, the music got old, as well (I did read the instructions, but I'm on a Mac, so I can't right click, because the mouse is only one button.) Variety in music would be awesome

This is a great time waster. Thank you for making this!


(Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to crawl in a corner and whimper at the inhumanity of Level 2....)

Decent, but..

Not really original... you basically just copied the gameplay ideas from the 2ch version of mario (Syobon Action).

The graphics were alright at least.


reaally really frustrating


I loved it for the humor value the starting over multiple times from a checkpoint got a lil redundant