Reviews for "The Unfair Platformer"

i see its inspired by SYOBON, in fact it looks like a newer version/copy of it

bravo. i tip my hat to you my good sir's/ miss's

the game would be fun if it was not so difficult. I don't understand why someone would waste their time and our time by making a game that has no point but making someone want to punch out there computer screen.

It's in the title!

Unfair platformer. You never know what to expect next which makes you afraid to even take another step. Random spiked blocks, falling platforms without any warning, hidden blocks which often cause you to mess up. What can I say its a fun asshole of a game!

Great game

Perfectly aggravating. I only died 237 times. All in all, not much to complain about, but maybe if there's a sequel throw in some extra content? Unlockables, something.