Reviews for "TheScarf"


Even though the graphics weren't very smooth or high-quality, I must say that I liked this flash a lot, especially considering how much experience you have with Flash, and the limited potency of Flash 5. You should totally remake it sometime with nicer, highly-refined graphics, it would kick even more butt.

Well done!

GreenEyedNinja responds:

I'm working on a remake caleed "Scarf" right now. Check <= 2 C it


I can tell the effert put into this. i say practice some more and you may end up one of the many good flash artiests at new grounds ^_^ (also i think you forgot to put stop on the slide where the replay button because it just goes back to the NG pre loader)

GreenEyedNinja responds:

Fixed that now... and "effort" is misspelled, but I appreciate it.

the woman actually cried....wow...

i can definitely say the eyes look downright scary.
haha i'm better at facial expressions and the figure itself, but i'll say ur drawings (was it on paint or something?) are impressive..
the use of color to create the background was pretty good//
the music was okay too
the blood..not so much, but that doesn't have to do with anything.
also the scene changing was;;
well anyway this is pretty good for a first flash i can compliment u on that :)
if u have time, would u mind listenin to my audio?

GreenEyedNinja responds:

...yah it was on paint, but I draw WAAAY better on paper... for now XD
as for the audio, i'll tell u what i think.


Its not bad for a first flash, at least I see you spent some amount of time on it. First, the good news
-Slightly Original
bad news
-Lack of detail

If the flash were 30 seconds shorter, im sure it would be blammed. The fact that you made it longer is probably the only factor that will save it. In the future

-Improve your art
-Dont tween

Tweening is nice here and there
but not everywhere

GreenEyedNinja responds:

I'll remember that.


Not bad, but not good either. No plot, and lots of blood. Yay.

GreenEyedNinja responds:

...I wouldn't say no plot at all... read the description.