Reviews for "Squigo 2"

Longer, but still predictable

Better than the first one, still predictable, but its funny, in a stick sort of way. Like the person before me, i dont know why Squigo wasnt electrocuted instantly. The hair theme was a good addition. Make more plz.


ah a very simple flash, along with the first one that i wacthed after this one. it seemed particulary weird at first but now i find it to simply be cartoonish humor. I didnt really find either of them to be funny, escpically because after i saw this one it made the 1st oh so predictable, it just galls me to no end to wacth somone do something so obvouisly stupid. God tryed to spare that little stick man when the dog peed on the socket and it didnt electrocute him and the dog instantly, but the guy was so stupid he just stood there and stared. By golly that man deserved to die, to not populate the world with yet another brainless person. anyway in the rating of the flash itself, not as an actual scenario taking place, it was alright, but it wasnt anything special, and there really isnt anything about it that compells me to come back some other time and wacth it again. Something tells me though that you have a whole history about this guy and have a whole lot of stuff about him and all that, but even if im wrong, which i dont think i am, it doesnt really change the fact that its just another tom and jerry, without jerry.
An alright flash, but if was more in depth or had even a little story, it would be far moe superior. I also suggest some kind of rock music at the credits. i already reviewed this one so ill skip the other 1


Me like funny man.

lol funny stuff

DUDE!!!!! Squigo got better. theres no way the third one can be better than this one.

SHORT FILMS are suposed to be SHORT... (as it was)


That was an excellent spit of humor at the end.. the fucking hair comming back... Good ending.. very good ending....

Over all gives you a 8 from me.. It's pretty much up there with good. Not with best. But with good..