Reviews for "Squigo 2"

Nothing can stop

the one hair that wants to stick up. That was pretty funny. For awhile I thought he would get a gun and shoot that last hair. Very original. Keep it up.

I loved it!!!

Funny!!! Keep it up!


I really like it when people can make movies that are without anything more than cartoonish violence and sex and still make a good Flash movie that actually entertains me. Way to go. (Make more! Now I have to go check out the other one..!)

Wow - I loved this!

Not many Flash movies actually made me laugh but this one did. Even though I new what was gonna happen, it was still pure class.

Keep it up! Your one of NG's good movie submitters!


Nice one! God i love these! they give me something to watch at night... and they actually have a plot! ... it was kindof predictable when the dog walked in... but the end... i loved it! Great job! hope to see 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11... as many as you can do! i love em! keep em comming!