Reviews for "We Can Fly [7000]"


You got me in a trance with this one brother. Real smooth sample, everything fits in so sexy together. That plucked instrument, damn. It contrasts so well with the strings and the rhodes, such an ill blend. The bassline is bumping too. I would love to flow on this man, can't wait to hear your next one.

- P.

Sirhc7000 responds:

I'll def try come come out with at least one a week this summer so you prob won't be waiting a long time for the next one haha. Thx a lot!


I was at work going through newgrounds and came up on this beat, wrote something to it there and then. I went home and recorded it on my crappy Mic and on my "the lilttle notbook that could" lol http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/434434


Nice far east feel. I spazzed out in excitement when you threw the "yooooo" in there. It reminds me of a track from the new zelda game that caught my attention. Take a listen at this link, i so see you sampling it. Im a big fan of your stuff! Keep making beats! ill check back again for new music. one love.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTHpxb evnLE


ffffffffffffuck yes

ROF the FUCK UP... expect greatness to become of this, and soon. Much respect to the maker of this.