Reviews for "The Smoking Kills Collab"


that was great man, pure awesome.

Wondeful!! I loved It!!!

while check the flash forums i saw this thread quite a lot of times with a lot of pages of replies, now i know now. This Was Wicked!!! I loved watching this! The menu was really cool and the animations was awesome, suprisingly all of them were very decent!! The humor is very well done to! And i guess your right, why would people smoke, Its not good at all! :D
Awesome Job!!!

sweet flash

i loved this flash
even though almost everyone knows that if you smoke, you dont instantly die, i think this flash can help get the message out that smoking is a terrible habit and it can kill you
i dont care what anyone else says but this was a great movie and some of the artwork was amazing

so fuuny!

i found myself laughing uncontrolably through this whole movie! i loved it! >:D

That was Sweet!

Better then the "26 Ways to Die" Collab!
That Pwned!