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Reviews for "The Smoking Kills Collab"

Too well thinking

Yep we KNOW that smoking kill. This flash lack of interest, it's just a succession of brainwash smoking-kill animations.

Graphics are from good to barely acceptable.
I'm not a smoker but watching this was . . . boring.

Smoking is not like triggering a gun or firing a TNT bar in your mouth. It's a slow decoil process over years of smoking. Seing people getting instakill for smoking on little cigarette is, excuse me, retarded.

So SO true

smoking is almost nay worse than getting kicked in the crotch, BUT you get kicked on every drag

I disagree!

That being said, I enjoyed it. It was random and funny. lol I love it when the chick at the bus station farts. classic. anyways, I think that smoking is about personal choice, and there are a lot of ways to kill yourself slowly, but we call that living, know what I mean? Like, everyone KNOWS that McDonalds food is bad for you, and I work there, and I still see a LOT of fat and unhealthy people eating there. In fact its the worlds largest buyer of potatos. Did you know that? Now you do.

Live free, smoke what you want to. Make your own decisions! But still funny.


It looked like what it was, a lot of generally average or below average animation parts stuck together with no real rhyme or reason other than the vague topic. It was really long and got pretty boring at parts, at a lot of parts. Collabs can be good but this seems like just a formula collab, which while not a horrible thing, I think you should try for something that adds to the classic composition of a collab, whatever that might be...if you do make another collab.

Wondeful!! I loved It!!!

while check the flash forums i saw this thread quite a lot of times with a lot of pages of replies, now i know now. This Was Wicked!!! I loved watching this! The menu was really cool and the animations was awesome, suprisingly all of them were very decent!! The humor is very well done to! And i guess your right, why would people smoke, Its not good at all! :D
Awesome Job!!!