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Reviews for "The Smoking Kills Collab"


I smoke casually, and I thought this was funny. The way I see it is that life is short, so live it up. Who cares anyway. It's not like I depend on cigarettes, either. I also found the first Jamaican skit inaccurate because he was clearly smoking pot, not a cigarette. Marijuana is scientifically proven to have no harmful effect and the only reason it's illegal is because the government couldn't make profit and was therefore banned in the 30s. Around the 40s they started putting up propaganda about how marijuana kills and all that crap. Anyway, that's just me, maybe it was supposed to be rolled tobacco or something. Good vid overall.

i lol'd a few times.

I do smoke, but the way i think of it is. We are all going to die smoking is just one of the millions of way we can die lol.

Me? Well...

I only found this becos i saw ur newgrounds ad. I give it a 9


even though psyics on the toons where screwed up as hell like the last one it was still ok...and guns dont kill people its people who kill people guns are only a tool they wont just float up and kill someone, someone has to pick it up and shoot for it to kill


Most of the jokes weren't very funny, if you could even call them that. However, a few of them were HILARIOUS. There was some decent effort put into this. Not all of the authors were that bad, and deserve some credit. For this, I give it an 8.