Reviews for "All Your Base : CC"


Very...VERY much effort in this one. This deserves to be very high in the all time ranks...

w00t i am the king of the portal

the clocks are a bunch of fruitcakes but thay make good flash


This is one of the best AYB movies I've ever seen!

RadishClock responds:

Suck a fuck


Reviewed by: TheEvilSundialOfDoom Overall rating: 10
"WTF is up wit dis clock crap!?"
"Why a clock? huh!?!? I don't get it"
"OMFG I h8 clocks dey are sooo stupid"

You all need to get a clue, and more than likely a life
you still gave it a perfect score
Clocks rule

-Deity Clock

All your Clock are belong to us

Long live SBC!