Reviews for "All Your Base : CC"

*nelson laugh*

I watched it anyway! Seriously, I have to say it wasn't that bad. I personally like all of the AYB movies and think its interesting how everyone puts their own spin on them. I also have to say that this was better than most of the Clock Crew movies i've seen. However, you could have at least gone all the way to the end of the song.


Is Strawberry Clock really the king of teh portal? It seemed like an odd combination of parodies, and I don't think you merged them as well as you could have.

Can't decide

I can't decide... was that funny or was that complete and utter bullshit?
....*I'm thinking*....
Ok, I think it was more of the first then the latter :) .

You know i gave this a bad review in the past...

And its okay now, just some stuff wasnt that funny. Like the carrot, try a little harder next time.

Not a bad slideshow..

Though old, you did represent for the clocks and I guess that has to stand for something.

Oh and TBH stands for To Be Honest...FYI ^^

RadishClock responds:

Type it out, you lazy SoB!

Now that's one we all can recognize :D

Glad you liked it, but I really wish everyone would stop watching this garbage. I'm going to remove it permanetly, so enjoy it while it's here.