Reviews for "All Your Base : CC"

That is the funniest thing I've seen in years!!!

Well, not in years, but in months for sure. It's funny how you put the clock everywhere and it rules the world. HAHahaha!


Dude! This movie is STRABERRYCLOCK-LIKE!
I've been wandering arround taking photos of various shit, and I will make them into great pics for this movie.
RadishClock, you should really finish this movie to play the whole song. I will contribute my pics as soon as I can =)

RadishClock responds:

CERTAINLY! I would love to add more to this movie. Just email me at radishclock@hotmail.com or AIM me as radishclock.

This IS the best ever!!!!!!!!

Why O why is this not in the top 10 at least never mind the top50 !!!!!
Best music
Best Idea
Best Images
...BEST EVER!!!!!!


this is godlike shit !!!!!!!1111
good movie radishclock hahahaha!!!!1111

strawberry clock is king of teh portal joo fewels !!!!!!!!!!11111