Reviews for "All Your Base : CC"

(( HA ))

These are always good, with the whole all your base theme, every now and then they will pop up like this one, there could be some new graphics though, but it was interesting and the music hehe, anyways nice job.

New graphics.

Great all your base once again heh.



^^Good Points^^
I liked how you had Tom and Wade in the beginning. I had to laugh when I saw that picture of Tom you used. The music was great, of course, and I thought some of the images you used in the second part were pretty good.

^^Needs Improving^^
A lot of the pictures in this were really low quality, and just random images poorly photoshopped with a clock put on. You should have definitely used better quality pictures for this movie, and maybe images that had a little more to do with the CC other than just a subtle "SBC is king of teh portal".

go bart

did u notice bart was writing 4berry clock is not the king of the portal

Im srry it was bad

ayb and strawberry clock no offense bad combination srry to give you a bad score but kinda bad i will watch your next one :)


Is Strawberry Clock really the king of teh portal? It seemed like an odd combination of parodies, and I don't think you merged them as well as you could have.