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Reviews for "Gray Room Escape"

ok well...

ok i coulnt figure it out so i gave up im just raly bad at this game so i give you 10 stars


dont listen to rileyrulezu plz make it easier

not bad

i think its good for your second escape game you have crafted,
however it does need a bit of work
hopefully your next room escape will be, and ill be waiting to see the improvment you have made


what do u do after u find the safe handle???

i liked it bu it was too easy

The graphics looked nice even though everything was made by the tools on flash (rectangle tool, circle tool, etc.)

a classic point and click game nothing wrong with that but thats all you can do with an escape game.

it was a good idea to have that typing pad thing i've played many an escape game where i have to take out some priner paper and jot something down.

as far as escape goes this is pretty easy i would add another room or something

it might just be me but i love point and click escape games this one was on the lesser side of them though

1.make it longer
2.make it harder

would i recomend?

ThomSip responds:

Wow, glad you liked it :)

This is my second escape game now. the third one will be long and hard ;)