Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"


FREAKIN' IMPOSSIBLE!! and really, MARIO fightin a SONIC boss?!!? there's a reason mario dosent f ght them!

this stinks!!!

u should atleast have a life system or have a health bar!!!!


i loved the minigames u added

imposible to defeat the bosses please all the boss are hard when you start entering the flower tier then they get harder and harder please why did you put sonic in the game he is way too imposible to beat even with ice flower its stil imposible wow and why the fuck did you add the boss kamek's fucking castle he's the most imposible boss to beat in the whole game and cloud man uses thunder way to fast that i cant even doge it ugh and why did you add metal sonic he's a sonic boss not a mario boss and both agile and freeze man are way to hard and fast and way too big the same with death why did you make these three bosses too fast to hard and too big are you insine damn this game gets no stars 0/0

Fun game and too hard