Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

Amazingly done, a real challenge for platformers!

This game is very well made. Many difficult bosses that require strategy and skill to overcome. The items are very useful and the ice flower ability is something never seen in Mario games (except for the suit in SMB3 that turns Mario into a statue), the ice flower comes in very handy for facing specific bosses. There are also hardly any glitches in the fights, which is good. I think this deserves a higher score, but I see that some lower scores are given by people who are bad at the game.

Tips for some of the noobs out there and your idiotic complaints:
1. You can buy mushrooms in the shop. Use the keys 1-6 (depending on the slot they're in) to turn into big mario, and withstand one more attack.
2. You can buy 1-Up mushrooms in the shop. They stay in your inventory and only get used when you get hit by the enemy or one of its attacks. But be careful, falling down a hole will kill you, 1-ups won't work for that.
3. You can buy ice flowers in the shop. When you use one, you turn into.... "ice" Mario, I guess. When you're Ice mario, push D to turn into ice and remain invincible for as long as you want. But, receiving damage will turn you into Little Mario again, so be careful.
4. If you run out of coins and items, you can repeat past bosses (ones you can defeat easily, I mean) and get more coins. Do this when you need to before facing a more difficult boss.
In conclusion: stop complaining about more lives. If you want more lives, BUY THEM!

p.s. To exit the shop, click on the pipe on the top left of the screen.


HEy!!!! There was 1 glitch i found.......when you stand on dracula u dont get hurt and it worked for like 5 rounds and then i died all the sudden! Oh well! THIS IS AN AWSOME GAME!!!!! But i was wondering was the first section supposed to be easy mode because i beat the second section first XD and i cant beat the first one! XP

Great Game!

Even if this review is kinda late i'd still like to say its a good game and very addicting.
I am secretly hoping for another sequal.
I also have to report 1 bug as for freeze man button does not start the battle but the bar above does start the battle with freeze man.
In the next game I'd like to see a wider range of character choice becouse some megaman bosses pissed me of :P
As I am a casual gamer this game cost me a keyboard :P
I myself am in a school for game design if you'd ever like a big project in flash I have some great ideas.


great game

noobs point of view: this sucks mario cant battle sonic charecters or metriod charecters someone that has a lifes point of view: this game is awsome i love the way you can beat up diffrent bosses

das spiel finde ich echt toll danke das ist ein tolles spiel damit komme ich gut zurecht gro├če klasse die music passt toll dazu die bosse finde ich geil es gibt soger 2 oder 6 echt mega