Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

ok but...

it needs improvment at some points
it must have higher jumps! at dracula u must have EXCELENT timing and jump at the 3 fireballs only when they are very close to u.
maybe powerups during the fights (free jumping powerups :) )

Btw i cant click at some things like the arrows and the questionmarks at the selection screen

apart all of this i still vote 10 because it was a good idea and i am good judge :}}

i love it!!!!

great game but i died so much :( how can i kill metal ridley and phantoon?

keep up the good work but make one a bit easier ^^

Probably one of the best Super Mario flash games I've ever played! :D This game was a big part. of my childhood! :) I used to play it when I was 10 year old, like 2-3 hours in order to beat all the bosses, because at that time it was a very challenging game for me, with very hard bosses to defeat as the game continues! :) So, that's why I started a series about this game on YouTube in order to help you defeating those bosses! ^^ I am currently making a video in which I show you how did I beat the bosses from the "Flower Tier!", and I'm gonna upload it today! ;) So, here's the playlist with all the videos with the bosses : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSYHg87pXoFyzECbOf4nj8Ms9hesM0-xR

Have a good day! :)


This was my childhood game, the best masterpiece of Mario flash games. It is particularly interesting that bosses from other games can fight Mario. The difficulty is high, but it was easy to find out the bosses' attack patterns and avoid them. Ice flowers are invincible, so it's good to be immune to every attack, but I personally wish I had a fire system that could fire fireballs and damage the boss. can only do damage by jumping, and I'm disappointed that there are no Fire Flower items.
The bosses who are difficult by my standards are as follows.

Top 3
1. Meta Knight
2. Piranha Plants
3. Team Sonic