Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

i didnt like this game so much. the Controls where kind a late sometimes or slopy. some of the bosses where just reciously hard. like i really hate the Controls in this. and how some bosses are so much easier then others.

Even though this game was made in 2008. It's still fun and this game will always have a place in my heart.

Not a lot of these flashy games hit their marks like I want them too
This one kicks some of those other ones right in the seat of their pants

Controls are kind of slippery and hit detection is sort of sus but its a great challenging game that was part of my childhood.

btw Kraid,Crocomire,Whispy Woods,Dracula and Death from Poison Mushroom are insultingly easy compared to the desk-slamming nature of the rest of the game.

For a flash game made in 2008 it still holds up in 2017 the hit detection does feel a bit wonky at times but hey i'm not blaming anybody the game is overall amazing and I still come back to it to this day!