Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

i love this game it is a fun challenge and is very rewarding. i was able to finally beat every boss in the game and unlocked the ability to play as luigi which is pretty and luigi even controls different. so all and all a great game to play if your looking for good not unfair challenge. the only problem i had is hit boxes can feel weird sometime when i so used to playing normal mario, it just feels weird to take damage are die when it looks like i hit the boss, but still this isn't that big of a problem. and that is why i give this game my completionist rating off


i amolt beat the mushroom boss

Good game. A little good thing for birdo is to jump inbetween her leg and the cave wall and jump up inbetween egg's flying to kill her. This game helps you to learn to conserve and save money and strategise

very interesting. love it.

this game is indeed though, but once you got the right strategy of when to jump on the boss, you know what you do to beat this bosses, but like i say earlier, this game is indeed though, the music rendition of the bosses is really neat tho