Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

10/10 GREAT although i think some of the bosses are in too hight teirs examples kraid fire
and falme robotnik also some are too low example gravity man, brigt man.

what kind of controls????

not bad


Probably one of the best Super Mario flash games I've ever played! :D This game was a big part. of my childhood! :) I used to play it when I was 10 year old, like 2-3 hours in order to beat all the bosses, because at that time it was a very challenging game for me, with very hard bosses to defeat as the game continues! :) So, that's why I started a series about this game on YouTube in order to help you defeating those bosses! ^^ I am currently making a video in which I show you how did I beat the bosses from the "Flower Tier!", and I'm gonna upload it today! ;) So, here's the playlist with all the videos with the bosses : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSYHg87pXoFyzECbOf4nj8Ms9hesM0-xR

Have a good day! :)