Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

wait why isnt it up to jump
overall i liked but but the controls kind of suck

ehh ive seen better

3 stars

This game... hooo boy it's not goooood.
Ruined by its bad controls, horrible physics, totally random boss patterns, stupid level design, adding to the fact you need to withstand ALL of that starting as small Mario, which makes it nearly unplayable.
It is an old 2008 flash game, yes, but even the first Super Smash Flash had smooth controls and didn't have ludicrous input lag and extremely slippery physics.

The positives are that, this is an old flash game, which has been buried in the childhood of many people, including me, but it doesn't hold up even after 10 years due to the negatives i've mentioned.

Overall, i feel this game didn't age well, but that's just my silly personal critique. If you like the game, it's okay, i won't judge you for liking what you want, but it's just not for me.

this game is awesome