Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"

I've been playing this game for a long time! Love it! Fun but hard!

very good but hard.

Despite the seemingly low production values, this game is actually of very high quality. While there are a few easily exploitable bosses even near the end, all of the bosses, while being very difficult at times, have a cleverly thought out pattern that keeps them from being unfair. I can't think of a single boss that I felt was unfair, and for the most part, all of my deaths were my fault. The controls are really good as well. Physics wise, they're the same as Super Mario World except somewhat looser. The closest thing to a legitimate problem I can think of is that the Freeze Flower's defense ability is a bit confusing at times. It's a useful ability that even led to multiple exploits from even some of the last bosses in the game such as Agile and Super Mecha-Sonic, but when jumping, sometimes it'll work if I hold D but sometimes it won't, although this is only a problem with Mother Brain. Other than that, this is a very challenging and addicting flash game that was definitely ahead of it's time when it was released in 2008,

agile is easy :D

beat game years ago tuns of times still have trouble with zero