Reviews for "Haruko Hentai Game DEMO"


Zone-Sama, please teach me your ways, so that i too may make such perfection....

OMG! Haruko!

I gotta say this my favorite one of your demos, i love this show so much and... and... its friggin haruko, she Rocks!!! especially nude... man i wish i could see the full version, ah well.

Love your style

I love how in all your hentai gamez you stick to teh animation style used in the showz! It keeps the hentai feeling real when it'z in original animation like that. Keep up the good work Zone and Hentai Key!

flcl boss

like a boss
i tracked it down and i found the full version at a safe site free and no download
funny games.biz/haruko-sex-game
i hope my account doesn't get deleted because of this

Ohhh fooly cooly

Keep it up focks