Reviews for "Haruko Hentai Game DEMO"


You really need to start hosting more of your stuff on Newgrounds because it's not often we get to see high quality hentai like this. I only know a scarce amount of hentai artists who I still follow to this day Such as Sigurd Von whatshisface (Draws some amazing Princess Peach hentai) TheShadling and then theres you.

I forgot where I was going with this....Oh yeah you're a great artist and I wish I would'nt have to pay 20 bucks just to see your work. So something to consider eh?

all DEMO!!!

I really want to know where to find the full games to all of Zone's stuff xD but I really don't wanna pay money for a goddamn flash game

Thank you for making this Zone, I'm a huge fan! There was enough sexual tension within the series itself, I'm glad someone like you finally did something like this. <3

at the second part, Kanti(the robot) drills her asshole while takun fucks her pussy