Reviews for "Haruko Hentai Game DEMO"

Deffinetly Hentai

Not quite what I had in mind for figuring but, ya.

How do you spell "Deffinetly"?

Fooly Cooly is nice.

Yes, Fooly Cooly (known in Japan as "Furi Kuri" and known internationaly as "FLCL") was a good thing to tackle, it was really popular back in 2006, but earned its popularity after being comepletely ignored in 2001.

And yes I know I sound like an anime geek right now, lol. But anyway, it was a nice idea to hentai-up but also at the same time it's a little strange since FLCL only had 4 episodes, so I don't exactly get why ZONE would hentai-up this when he could be doing something like Gundam or Hellsing (not exactly that I want him to, though). So, yeah I guess it's not importatn to ask questions, I love the notourious ZONE game mechanics and Haruko is freakin' hot.

this shit is pretty badass

i liked pretty nice hentai i can watch it over and over again!@!##%$


it's good but that was just like haruko right when naota is ready to go for the win she nails him with the riddenbacker bass guitar


why does zone archives always make demos...


its annoying >:O