Reviews for "Haruko Hentai Game DEMO"


The ending to this one was funny. All you need is a demo of Chrono Crusade and I know for a fact at least 15 more people would worship you.


Someone needs to post a link to a full free link of this game.

As usual you own

all your stuff kicks ass i hope you make a code geass one next or a naruto one something like that piece


I've downloaded and watched the Full-Version.

Its incredible how well your Drawings/Likeness resemble the Actual characters from the FLCL show.
The Graphics, along with animations in your Flashes are Superb.
I look forward to any releases you plan on putting out in the Future, Zone.
See you on Zone-Archive
~Halo 3 Glitcher For Life~

Mm! The Finger Option did it!

o^^o Mmmm, it's like that Finger option was made for me~ Well, you've hit my Bowser-nerve, my Cell-nerve, my rape-nerve, my tenacle-rape-nerve; I guess it was only a matter of time you'd hit my DP-nerve. Shame Finger couldn't join in with Rub/Tease. OH WELL~ ^^ Another wonderful job, Zone-sama, the top in hentai game quality!