Reviews for "Haruko Hentai Game DEMO"


hey its the chick from fooly cooly

Good Job

I thought "Oh hell yeah" when I saw this... But almost cried when I saw the word demo... Great job though. I thought the hand thing was really interesting. Naota's expression was funny, and the NOT IN THE DEMO thing was also pretty funny. Good job... I just wish it was full...and free :'(

coll game

what was the song used in the game

FULLMETAL!!!!!! right?

isn this GAME from fullmetal?


I ADORE Haruko xD

I think my favorite animation would hsve to be the finger. ROFL. It really did make me laugh... only - I wasn't rolling on the floor o.o

Thanks for this. I wish it was the full game though, not the demo.

NOT IN THE DEMO animation is hilarious too.