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Reviews for "Just a Pilot - Episode 3"

I nearly pissed myself!!!

This is an awesome series and you must make more!!!


make more
make more
make more


i've never seen this style of random humor before. i think that fact that it doesn't fit the generic idea of "random humor" that most people look for, it is getting the shaft with ratings for close-minded drones who don't get it. the art style is supurb, and the humor is really funny, but definitely far on the demented side!

on little thing though... you say that the voice syncing is off because of computer type/connection, yet i am on a an insanely fast connection (20MB/sec+) and am viewing on a 24" iMac with 4GB of RAM... it still isn't synced up. i know that plenty of other graphic intensive animations on here don't have this issue, so maybe you should consult about fixing it.

it's not a huge deal, but just a tad annoying. :)

urine angels!

i need to make urine angels too XD and get high off those doughnuts! gotta love the tank part, and when he actually fights back =D

just jacked in to write this :P

ay man, this is some of the funniest shit ive seen in a while. The liquid ecstasy was hilarious dude. keep it up