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Reviews for "mario's big surprise"


heh not bad....but damn, slow down the text (i managed to read it, but if i cant relax its too fast)


But the text is way too fast
Nice evil plot though!

it was funny :)

it was funny, good concept, might wanna slow the text down, it was way too fast to read, i had to play the movie a few times to get what they were saying. but for your second flash, it was good

Uhm...yeah ok....

Well, it was a cool idea. But to much speed and a bad looping of the sound. Shit,i couldnt even read what they were sayin =)
Better luck with next one =)

Needed to be amped up

Needed to be longer, but the BIGGEST fault was that the text went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast!!! What were you thinking submiting that before fixing that? It would have made the movie a lot better, and maybe even that much longer.