Reviews for "Spin the black circle"


Fantastic, I'm always looking for new challenges to test myself and this game was surely a good one. Keep it *hard* ...
Really sorry I can't come up with a better review. Heheh...


very challenging but fun!!!! good stuff

A W E S O M E!

Played this at the office non-stop till I finished it! Man the last level is really tricky! LOVED IT as much as I love mangoes and pretty girls.
Damn good. Keep up the good work! 10/10!!


i can get pass lvl 23 but really good game (ps the walkthrough didnt open when i put it up)


stuck at level 24, i would like to spend more time with this but it seems that at the moment my eyes are bleeding, but congrats on quite the addictive game, and that link you posted abut the walk through is DED!