Reviews for "Spin the black circle"




Nothing beats sitting trying to get a level for an hour and then realizing what day it is. Very nice

Wao, great game!

Even though i got to admit Im horrible at it this game is genius. Its design is exceptionally well done, right now Im at my school and everyone is playing it in my computer science class lol Good job!


So cool

loved failing at it! awesome concept!


That's what this game is. It's very good, I've liked games that involve gears and wheels like this. It combines gravity and physics and evena bit of direction to make an outstanding game. Some of the levels are quite complex, sporting tough right-angle turns, spikes, jumps, and fire throwers. This game is simple but a real winner. My only criticism is the title: sometimes the game can be overly hard. Some possible updates are different floor tiles and things like that.

Well done, I'd like to see a sequel.