Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

great concept!

I have not ever seen or played a game quite like this before!
your originality is complemented by strategy. This is truly a great game!
The animation is very simple, yet the action script must have been brutal for this game!

to sum it up,
Pros on your hard work
-Originality/New, creative game to play.
-Simple animation/Some times, it is good to have simple animation so it is more fun to play.
-many levels/I can't stress this enough! having many levels keeps people entertained much longer.
-creative traps/you made it clear when you added flamethrowers that timing was essential!

Cons on your hard work
no cons, Perfect game!


Holy Crap!

That disclaimer wasn't kidding! I would recommend this game to anyone who is up for a challenge. Believe me, the game is incredibly difficult, but if you are good enough to get past the first couple of levels, you can see that it can become fun and insanely addicting. Good graphics, great gameplay, fun and challenging 9/10!


I think its a great challenging game i only rated 9 cause i think you should make easy medium hard levels


Cool Game!

I made it to level 8 on 7 minutes. Not bad i guess. But you need a shnazzy title. Other than that its really good.