Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

excellent all round

Excellent game. Starts of easy to get you hooked then hits you with the tricky levels. Very addictive and looks great too.


I got to level 12 before i decided to take a break, very original. This will probably make the front page.

Great idea!

Very impressive! Nice and innovative idea. I like the game very much. Can't stop playing. Big "plus" for the saving opion, otherwise it would be just too hard to complete. Keep coding more games as fresh and fun to play like this one.



Very creative, this puzzle game is making me puzzle solve in a whole new way. It's like super monkey ball, but vertical.


Great originality, excellent gameplay, superb physics.
Could play it for hours.
Would be interesting to see perhaps a choice in weights for the ball...
Just an idea though. Well done. Keep it up.