Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

Excellent Stuff

Figuring out how to beat a level is easy. Actually doing so is not nearly so simple. A brilliant and evil game that I'm sure has brought frustration to many newground users.

another w00t!

This is pretty much, in my thoughts, the culmination great artistic skill and a simple idea which often makes the better games on this site and on consoles so to you AleGui 5/5 kudos

great job

this game was awesome. i got to level like....20 something. nice. keep up the good work!


I just got done with the level that was kinda like a square spiral, if that makes any sense. I don't know how far that is, but I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Awesome game, keep up the good work!

awesome game

very fun, addincting and really challenging. but did the thing have to look so much like a pokeball? lol