Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

not that hard

but it was short too short

Mixed feelings

I think the concept is nice and simple, like a classic arcade game. However, if at all possible, I would recommend working out a bug or two. Intermittently, whether it be because I'm holding down a key when the level starts or maybe my Internet connection is a little shoddy, the rotation "locks" and I'm stuck spinning into oblivion, and there's naught I can do about it when that happens.

Aside from that, this is good stuff.

a great challenge

there arnt many games out there that are challenging any more. peroid. but this is one of those that are and thats great! i loved it.

Liked it

Very difficult but nice, but what was that?? a poke-ball????

fun to play, but

its pretty much a knockoff of roly poly from nitrome. however it still is a good game