Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

Holy Hell in a handbasket!

Not even slightly joking when you said it was gonna be hard, damn. It was fun though, love to be challenged. Overall: Pretty good.

I liked it...

I really liked it. I thought it was simple, yet challenging.

I may have found an error though. I'm not entirely sure. But it seems that gravity "works" more when I stop spinning the maze. For instance, if I start spinning and my ball leaves the floor the way I can get it back down is to stop spinning. I'm not saying that the gravity doesn't work when I'm spinning, but it seems to work less. Maybe it's an optical illusion caused by the spinning maze or something.


Quite original and new, maybe just a bit too hard. I think the lack of acceleration when you turned made it quite hard, though it's a fun game :D

I would of liked it ...

If it wasn't so god damn clinky...I pressed the right or left button once....and it would spin out like crazy making the game extra lame...and your attempt a failure....update it and maybe then it will be good.


good but fairly hard to get used to at first.