Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

Very impressive! LolĀ³ xD

I love it!Great physics!! Very Challenging!! and the best music xD.
10/10 =)...
I'm stuck in lvl 20 =(

some of these levels are just too damn hard

great game though

loved it

i could play this for hours..well,if i was any good,that is.its damn hard,but if you just slow down,it is quite thought provoking,making you stop and think about what to do. 5/5


Had to sit this bad boy down for a while.. My hand was hurting and the frustration was at a peak

Difficult to the point it is EPIC!

very challenging but a great game overall. I like that you can continue everytime cause after he ditches you and stops giving you hints, it gets super hard. Fun for a while, then you need a break from losing. lol