Reviews for "Spin the black circle"


fantastic game beats all other but u say there is some sort of autosave function which just didnt occur for me, maybe its firefoz or sumthing but i should look into it if i were u.

it was hard but gd

liked it it was reallygd game got running up walls almost lol but good work

Great game!

Definetly deserves a higher score then 3.96. Although, not unique, I found it alot more interesting than Roly Poly... possibly because it gets rid of all the cutesy stuff and gets right down to the game. The music was pretty cool too, although it did get a tad annoying. Nice job on the mute button too. HAHA!


Seems unique to me.., very good tooooooooo..,

Damn right it's not an unique idea.

But so what? Most games aren't. 10/10