Reviews for "Spin the black circle"


Damn you physics!

Is that a pokeball?

Interesting. I've never played a game quite like this and to be honest I'm glad I haven't before. This game can get you keyboard smashingly angry at it but you just can't stop playing. It's fun, it's original, it's hard as hell, and addictive beyond beleif. Not the most asstetically pleasing game ever but that's easy enough to over look.

Very challenging physics based game

Well I have to agree with the disclaimer posted at the start of the game, it is very unlikely that anyone will finish this game on their first sitting. I'm normally quite a calm gamer, and even I have found myself having to leave the game for a little while to let my anger subside.

This game is merciless. The learning curve is steep. The first couple of levels are there just to acquaint you with the controls and the way things work when rotating the level, but very quickly you find yourself on your own, trying to negotiate almost impossible corners to avoid spikes and flames.

This is a good solid puzzler, and one which I am sure to return to again when the ire has subsided...


I am definitly a fan of this game, and will eventually beat every level.
The voice said I had to.. Er... Don't worry...

At some points it is quite computer intensive, and lags on my admittedly bad computer, but still.

But the major thing that sticks out for this game is just the actual concept of the game, it's really fun, frustrating, and for some reason makes people compelled to complete it. (well me anyway).

Anyway i'm gona give this game a 9/10, just because it's unique, fun, addicting, frustrating, and has somewhat appealing graphics.

on level 11...

I found that the wheel does not turn but the ball does