Reviews for "Spin the black circle"

I liked it

of course i stopped it round about the time it was stated that i was on my own but even so i liked it. gets an 8

it was ok

i dont think this game was great but i did enjoy it for a reasonable while but it seemed to get repetetive! But anyway, it would've been better if the earlier levels werent as hard as they were and varied levels? they all seemed a bit samey!


Lush game, loved it really. Except level 12 was a little long and repetitive. But a part form that it was great. Youv'e taken a tryed and tested concept and really executed it well. The only other thing was that the grphics were a little boring. But thats forgivable.

The level select worked fine for me.

Good job!

This is nice......*twitches*

This is a very obsesive game, you caused me to be late for work......GOOD FOR YOU!!! GREAT GAME!!!!!


it's great, but i can't get past lvl 23...