Reviews for "Spin the black circle"


I really liked the game and gameplay, just like kept dying on the maze level. I hated the blue wall, because then I understood what they were for: you knew people would try to get omentum to get past the flames, but the blue wall thingy was there making them go through. I finally quit after about an hour...

Well, It's a great game and quite challanging. Keep it up!


Was my reaction to every level. I made it to the last stage where I finally quit after trying over and over for at least two hours.

I commend you for making an extremely difficult and addicting game. It's not an easy accomplishment. Anyway, the spikes seemed just a little too sensitive. Not exactly pixel perfect. The loop got annoying, so thanks for letting me turn it off. Also, nice going on the save feature.

Good game, hope to play a sequal.


only took 6 hours!!!


But thats why i love it got to level 18 and had to stop


By far one of the best maze games ever made i commend u