Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Raiders"

made my day

This was really funny, i've always wanted to see weebl and bob spoof indiana jones.


"You know what happens every time I run!" Hahaha... I love this stuff, it never gets old.

Yay! Another Weebl and Bob!

It was good! Cinematics were great! But this time, the quotes were a bit hard to read, they went past the tiniest bit too fast.

"No Bob! Dont run!"

Oh they do indeed just get better and better!

And I just loved how wonderfully predictable this line was! (in a good way too!)
"No Bob! Dont run! You know what happens when I run!" *Que boulder chase sequence!*

And yes, I do loves me some exclamation points!



"You should have gone before we left." "But i didn't know we were leaving" classic lol