Reviews for "Meteor Defence"

Not bad

You could improve this by getting rid of the lag, implementing an upgrade system, and adding levels to mark progress.


Not bad, but not great either. It would've been a lot better if the lag on the painting were... y'know... not lagging.


a new kind of defence game

the painting lagged though, you should make that faster so you have a more realistic feel to it.

Good challenge

That's a pretty challenging game. Great concept.


The reason for my extreme score is that this was a very interesting game. It is the first time I have seen this style of world defense, and probably the last. So you have given something that is difficult to play, as well as entertaining. Here's why:

It got confusing how you had to continuously fill in small amounts of spaces so your original barrier that you made in the beginning of the game didn't get destroyed. I have a trackpad, so this was very cool.

I loved what you did with the earth when it was one hit away from explosion. I freaked out when it happened. Good job.