Reviews for "-Stick Figure Dash-"


totally awesome animation blayke

BlackBomberInd responds:

Haha, Thanks Jake!
-Blayke =D


thats cool. did u draw these on pieces of paper and photo graph it and post in flash flame by flame? xD

BlackBomberInd responds:

No, I used a program called iStopMotion for the Mac...It allows me to capture many pictures and put them together to make a movie, then I just imported it into flash!
-Blayke =)

Nice Job!

Very nice animation.

The music was awesome too ;-)

BlackBomberInd responds:

Haha, If it was the worst song ever, why would I use it?

Very good job!

I really like this style of animation and I really think you have a lot of potential in making some even better than this!

There were no real big downfalls to watching this but the smudges were a bit bothersome at times, nothing to bad though with them being in it! ^^

Keep up the good work!


That was certainly something completely different and unexpected for me, nice one!

BlackBomberInd responds:

It was different? =) Yay! Thanks for the comment!