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Reviews for "Miss Leading (no vocal)"

Hello again ... btw, FIRST!!!

Ha! You know me, I personally prefer instrumentals over anything else, I am glad you remembered the restricted group of people to which I gladly belong too :D
This music is another very nice music in deed. But why punk? Hell, this is badass
enough to be metal! xD I mean, seriously, I've heard pieces of metal slower than this :P

For an instrumental I must say that the voice in the end was quite a nice touch, it definitely adds a fresh touch to the repeating and fading ending.

As for the melody ... I know you are going to call me crazy, but I am SURE that in this piece, from 0:26-0:27 and from 0:29-0:30, you use a part of the melody from "Moonstruck"!! I am sure that it is the same composition but a lot faster and in a different accord! (just check MoonStruck from 20-30, you can't miss it!). Hell, I must say I wasn't expecting for that one. You picked an old composition and you made it new. I really like it.



And I still keep dreaming for an ending that's more than a simple fading out ... but hey, it's your music, you are the guy making the calls. The voices in the end were a nice addition though. Maybe one day you'll make a real ending for a change xD (No offence lol).
And btw ... FIRST POST, yyeeeaahhh !!!! xD

BERSERKYD responds:

Sry for the delay ! Wow another great review ! Lets say this is more skate punk with some metal influence. hehe I'll check out about the riff, I never try to use my old stuff but maybe I did it :P For the fade out I know is kinda suck... But I got a bunch of song WIP. Seriously its been about a years that I work on 20 songs that I can'T finish just because my job drain all my power ! But I'll try to finish those, I really should... Thanks !

that's cool man

what would you think about me using this and putting my own lyrics over the top as a video? Just an ask.

BERSERKYD responds:

Well I already got vocal on that one, but if you want have fun own your own, do that localy at your home :P Thanks for the R


so here i am, pretty new to newgrounds beyond the gaming, and then I find this, a damn masterpiece! i clicked the download button after 1 minute and before the song ended it was on my ipod, thanks man, keep up this awesome work man!

BERSERKYD responds:

3 years later THANKS !!!!

This is truly amazing!

All your music is so....epic! XD I love listening to it!!! Keep up the great work my friend!!

BERSERKYD responds:

3 years later THANKS !!!!