Reviews for "V-Metaljonus"

jus' commenting about seeing if you are still checking comments ! XD

nah, just kidding ! This shit just got real !

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From one shredder to another, I salute you. \m/

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Classic Metaljonus. me likey...

Hey Boi!

This song sounds great! its alot like your older (classic) stuff. Maybe you should refine and repost some of you older stuff, there are many others on this forum who dig Classic Metaljonus, including yours truely.

you da man!


JonSantiago responds:

Love ya pops!

what i think......

10/10 all the way!

Great job pn everything from Riffing to Soloing!

- a fellow metalhead,

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Thanks dude! \m/

Classic Metaljonus

Awesome song. It reminds me of a lot of your older stuff. Sick solo too. Well I think I've said enough, 10/10 5/5


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Thanks dude!