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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"

Hmm... a bit of advice to you...

Your handy work with sprites isn't bad I'll admit, but you really could've put more effort into this. Why not just use all sprites in your movie including castles, explosions, and such. Getting music from the audio portal was wise, but I suggest the classic Mario music for the beginning of the flash instead of just silence then busting into music with the Koopa. Your idea is great I enjoy your idea very much, but you need a better way of presenting it...

|| Good Points ||
*Handy with sprites
*Good Idea

|| Bad Points ||
*Just use more sprites
*More Effort


this is a good first sprite flash. few things you should do
1. make the fps (frames per second) 30
2. when making a movie clip watch it over and over to fix anything that will be noticable.
3. i noticed the explosion was wierd. you can find explosion sprites on
a sprite library.
4. put more things into the surrounding so we get more of an idea where the charaters are e.g in the field at the begining put in blades of grass clouds and a sun.
5. put the text into a text box
6. and add more sfx
other than that it was good

you could have just added soem stuff

next time try adding sounds , a faster speed
explosion looked weird


Ok then, alot of improvement is needed here....
The sprites seemed to move as if they were on a very low frame rate, so they looked crappy, the drawing then erasing thing with the bridge and explosion is no good at all aswell....it makes your flash look stupid.
The actual story was ok but the character basis wasnt.(why would a koopa help mario ?)

All i can say is take your time with it, watch it over yourself and think " is this realy worth the viewers time ?? And if you do think it is double check to make sure !

Not bad.

But as others reviews said, you could improve everything a bit next time, the music wasn't bad but the storyline was OK. Sometime it was boring because the text was staying too long and the end needs more work. It look like you were bored and you finished really fast.

5/10, loved the idea :P

Keep working!