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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"


Not bad for a first but the story made no sense. And kinda disappointing that people like to off Luigi so quickly.

well im not gonna blam you for effort

but letsee..... why would a koopa help mario, two diffrent sides unless u used paper Mario (which you didnt) and the whole tetris thing....just didnt make sense, you shouldve had the revenge scene first, and since its your first animation, ill cut you some slack on your battle scene which was sub par.

It has potential...

Well......I couldn't think of the best way to write this review, so I'll put it like this:
/\/\The Awesome/\/\
* Very creative plot line. I like the idea of Mario vs. Tetris

/\The Good/\
* Well...none I could think of :(

\/The Bad\/
* The frame rate. Crank it up to AT LEAST 18 fps.
* Increase the quality of the sound.
* Why would "L-block" kill Luigi? What did Luigi ever do to Tetris? :\
* The hand-made graphics need inprovement.
* In Red Koopa's debut in the movie, his wings were flapping backwards.

\/\/The Ugly\/\/
* The animation is out of whack. Mario was walking even though he was standing, or jumping, or falling, or even fighting.
* YOU NEED TO ADD SOUND EFFECTS!!! A movie without sound effects is like...a hamburger without the meat.
* If you had added vertical lines moving up in the parts Mario was falling, it wouldn't look like he was immobile in empty space. A distinguishable background moving upward also works, too.

If you address my facts, this flash will become a very great movie. It definately has potential :)
Graphics: 5
Story: 8
Sound: 6
Animation: 3
Overall: 5.5

1.97/5.00 (+ 0.0055) Your 266th voter

soraslayer responds:

thanks for the full review. I can definitely use it for help. Btw it was 20 fps lol, i am working on using sprite backgrounds, and sound effects i'll search for.


come on mario you can bet L-BLOCK.

I love this shit right here. mario with a reason to whoop ass , L-block the evil one who might I add caused me to lose a high score in the tetris for Game Boy.

I bet LUE G-G is still alive... i bet koopa was just misinformed.

and than lue and mar join force to beat l-block who has also joind forces with Z- BLOCK yeaaa that would be solid.

and then mario throws z-block to the floor and G-G throws L-block and the two blocks create a line... and then they vanish..

no but it is a good flick, i could care less about the animation because you got your point across with the story,, that music kind of fucked me up in the start, i almost shit myself when koopa flew down.

5/5 10/10

i hope to hear more from you

not bad

it actualy wasnt too bad!
could use a lil tune up though